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Sports Ministry

 Union Baptist Church Sports Ministry

Sports Ministry provides excellent opportunities to edify the body through fellowship and to evangelize the community through outreach programs.

Three Good Reasons for Church Sports Outreach Ministry


1) Sports Ministry provides opportunities for Outreach

Sports Outreach Ministry is a way to reach beyond the walls into the community. It may be youth basketball, or softball; regardless, people play sports. And people watch sports. Everyone has a favorite team and sport they watch and if they don’t they jump on the bandwagon of one team or another when the playoffs reach peak excitement. Sports are culturally relevant. They are a creative means to reach out to people in your community, people who are unchurched and/or lost. A family could make contact with a church for the first time through something as fun as sports. If they have a good experience maybe they will consider visiting your church. What a tremendous opportunity sports ministry provides for outreach. 

2) Sports Ministry provides opportunities for Ministry

Sports are relational. It may be cheering on a teammate, learning from a coach, or even chatting in the bleachers. Churches that have Sports Outreach Events challenge people to connect with people in their community, again many that are unchurched and/or lost. The connections that are made in this way will go a long way in giving unchurched folk a positive view of the church and lost people a good impression of Christ followers. These relationships will naturally lead to opportunities to share stories about your faith. These relationships will also lead to opportunities to minister to people that need a helping hand or encouraging word when life is challenging. What a tremendous chance sports outreach provides for ministry. 

3) Sports Ministry provides opportunities for Evangelism

Last but not least, sports provide a chance to share the Gospel. Maybe you have made a friend through the outreach effort that asks you some basic questions about God. Maybe you have ministered to someone you met through a sports outreach event and it provided a chance for you to lead them to Christ. If God uses you in this capacity you will never be the same, and you will always want to be a part of a sports outreach ministry that provides outreach, ministry, and evangelism avenues for you.